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Under Pressure

No-one knows exactly when or where they were formed. Some say that it was a jam session at a particularly muddy Glastonbury, while others claim to have seen them live around a camp fire in a wood just outside Norwich. Either way UNDER PRESSURE are the pop-up pop group par excellence, the ultimate fantasy made fantastic, the expert inflatable instrumentalists, the greatest group of non-musicians ever to take the mic… well – hairbrush.

Masters of musical mime and heroes of the air guitar, Under Pressure are an ‘air band’ with each member from a different pop or rock genre. From Post-Punks to Soul Divas to 80’s Popsters to Heavy Metal Maestros – the band mime to a jukebox of classics from pop to rock to disco to indie to poprockindiedisco. Members of the public are invited to fulfil their rock star fantasies, and join the band as guest vocalist (hairbrushes supplied) or showcase their skills with an inflatable air guitar solo.

Using state-of-the-art concealed bodypack stereo p.a. systems and an extensive range of very silly inflatable instruments this is an interactive musical walkabout experience guaranteed to take the party to the people. The air band can be varied from a lively duo to the full five-piece ensemble.

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