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Nick’s history of involvement with street theatre stemmed from his interest in Engineering in the 1980’s and early 90’s. Through working in engineering and as a blacksmith for many years he developed an interest in kinetic and abstract sculpture, which then led him to working back stage as a prop and set designer for Crude Apache Theatre Company.

Paul’s creative career properly commenced in 1997 when he quit the world of mechanical engineering, having had his fill of diesel engines, shipping schedules, fire-pumps, and propulsion units. The desire to act had always been present and with the approach of his 30’s he took that deep breath required when one frees oneself from the shackles of regular wages, daily commutes, and job security.

Edmond Tahl was the beginning of the Company’s history back in 2000 when he was born mostly by accident – the combination of needing to find a character for another show, and the gift of a Bowler hat was his beginning. Add in a suitcase with a thrown together PA system, and that was that.

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