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Body-Pack PA system

Wearable battery powered Body-Pack PA system ideally suited to street performers, theatre companies and musicians
Please contact me for a full list of options, an order form and current prices. All PA’s are built to order to your individual requirements.

This is a wearable PA system – the holy grail for many walkabout street performers and entertainers who need audio amplification for music, sound effects or vocal work in the most discreet way possible. These are designed around the same technology as the MK2.5 PA systems with the exception of the speakers for which there are two options – one for minimum weight and one for maximum power.  They are based upon my own body pack designs developed for much of my own performance work, which can be viewed on other pages of this site, but these are slightly more refined in many ways and they have an optional high gain microphone input with its own dedicated volume / gain control. There is nothing else like these available anwhere else in the world and they use cutting egde technology to achieve great quality and loud sound in a very compact design. The body pack can also have an optional second speaker output socket so that it can be used as a more traditional two speaker Stuff and Things PA system as well if required.

For the ultimate in wearable sound technology it can be teamed up with the Q thing WAV player to make a completely hands free audio suit …. why not make your body into a piano, a whole band, a soundscape costume or more.

At the heart of the PA’s is a ‘Class T’ amplifier chip (sometimes called digital although it isn’t really) made by a company called Tripath. Tripath are no longer in existence, but before they disappeared they designed and patented a range of amplifier chips that many small audiophile manufactures have used for various applications – Google them. Panasonic used the same amplifier chip in a range of car stereos which broke the world record for the highest power output from a standard production car stereo. Wattage figures are almost meaningless as it depends on what you do with the power, what it costs to create it in the first place, how distorted the sound is, and are the figures even accurate !  Wattage figures are notoriously lied about, as well as being measured at RMS and peak levels … however this system has been measured at 80 Watts RMS (with two speaker set-up) at ‹ 1% distortion, and calculated at a maximum of 125 Watts in standard configuration with a second speaker attached. The Chip is capable of producing 400 Watts in other custom configurations, and it should be enough to say it is very loud and louder than you would think possible from such a small PA.

Testimonials ...


Nick it’s amazing! – It also fits great on my back too. The design and quality are incredible – it allowed me to engage with the spectators way better – this is the perfect thing for strolling acts. It’s really loud too. The funny thing is I’m not much of a stroller, but I’m working on a new glow show character and now want to add strolling.  I’d like to explore the sound effects Q-Thing gadget. I believe it can add to the character quite a bit. So thanks for sending me off on a new creative path.
Brant Matthews, Fireguy – performance artist.

They are great, of course ! Daniel is totally in love. We just need time to test them out in real life and see how we can use them to the best of their abilities. Daniel is always telling other people about them.

So……. Speakers
Incredible is the first thing I can say. And altho we haven’t really had the time to sit down ( until now) and have a good go with them the quality is fantastic. 
Casey and Daniel, Dado Show – performance artists.

MK2.5’s …

I just wanted to say how delighted I am so far with your sound system, it’s so easy to get a great sound that’s loud enough for all the outdoor gigs I’ve played. Every performer who has heard it has asked me where I got it, I hope you do well mate, they’re great.
Fraser Hooper (Performance artist, consultant, and theatre director)

Thanks so much for your brilliant after care service and also creating such brilliant kit – Your sound systems are so vital to the grannies.
Martin, Granny Turismo (Street & festival performers)

PA is kicking up a beauty.
Jon Hicks (Performance artist)

I started to play the Stuff & Things system in the Belfast Circus School and was besieged by street performers interested in how such a great sound could come from such a small system. Extensive testing over the next two days only served to reinforce their interest. I have never seen such enthusiasm for a sound system in twenty years in the business. This system is going to be the standard for the Festival of Fools – easy to transport, easy to operate and fantastic sound.
Will Chamberlain (Director, Festival of Fools)

Thank you Nick! Perfect, we went to the music shop and the guy of the shop freak out, and he said that you are a genius, he loved the sound of them…jejejee…So thanks again and congratulations for your work, have a good time!
Shyra & Lipo (Musicians)

IT’S BRILLIANT! thank you thank you thank you thank you! heavenly sound and easy to use, stop it!
Amy Saunders – Miss Behave (Performance artist)

Many thanks, the amplifier (2.5.) Is great. For seven years I always had problems with the sound. Since this year no more thank you.
Kasper Gross (Street perfomer)

Current standard Body-Packs have:

    • Lightweight Alpine SXE-1725S speaker
    • One screw locking 3.5mm signal input socket
    • Preamp for high power output from low level input devices such as iPods
    • Volume / gain control
    • Screw lockable inputs and outputs to eliminate crackle / noise due to poor connections
    • Ultra-bright blue power LED – flashing also indicates clipping / audio distortion
    • Elasticated body harness with strong velcro attachments to mount the PA onto
    • Metal speaker grills
    • 100 Hz high pass filter to reduce sound distortion from high bass input signals. The filter does not remove all frequencies below 100Hz – it reduces them by a factor of 12dB per octave below 100Hz.
    • Smart charger 110 ~ 240 V mains with UK plug (other plugs can be ordered)

Additional options are :

    • More powerful Focal ACX-165S speaker
    • Second screw locking 3.5mm signal input socket
    • Microphone signal input socket with a dedicated gain / volume control
    • LED battery level meter
    • Large, double capacity Li-ion  battery
    • External power input socket to power the Body-Pack from a secondary power supply eg 12v battery
    • Power output socket to power other equipment from the Body-Pack
    • USB power output to power other equipment eg USB powered mixer or phone
    • Audio output socket to power a second speaker e.g. a Mk2.5 ‘Thing’ speaker
    • Screw locking stereo to mono converter signal input cable
    • Screw locking radio mic signal input cable
    • Screw locking stereo signal input cable

Please contact me for a full list of options, an order form and current prices. All PA’s are built to order to your individual requirements.

Specifications :

  • Amplifier : T-Class (audiophile sound quality)
  • Speaker : 1x Alpine SXE-1725S or 1x Focal ACX-165S
  • Sensitivity : Alpine SXE-1725S 92dB w/m  : Focal ACX-165S 93dB (2.83V, 1m)
  • Battery: 14.8v, 2.6Ah, Li-ion  certified to UN38.3 specifications. Click here for downloadable PDF battery test summary
  • Size (approx ) : 33cm wide x 30cm tall x 7cm thick (at thickest and longest points)
  • Weight (approx) : 2.5 Kg / 5.5 lbs with Alpine speaker.
  • Power Output RMS @ ‹1% distortion : 40 Watts (or 80 Watts RMS total for both channels if attaching a second speaker / 125 Watts maximum power output with saturated square wave)
  • Battery life in Normal** use : 2~4 hours; maximum battery life approx 7 hours.
  • Recharge Cycles : 500~800 (after which battery capacity will be at approx 75%)*
  • Recharge time (approx) : 4 hours
  • Fuse : 5A slow blow

** Normal use is deemed as being used to amplify constant Rock / Pop music played at high volume without any sound clipping / distortion from excessive volume, and with a fully charged battery. This time will vary considerably depending upon the volume and type of use.

* Battery energy capacity slowly reduces over time according to many factors. After 500~800 charge / discharge cycles, the expected battery capacity will be 75% of original capacity. New batteries can be installed if and when necessary. (Many of my PA’s have lasted for over 12 years on their original batteries)

Since the amplifier chip is a high frequency switch mode one, it emits some radio interference which can interfere with AM, FM, LW, SW & DAB radio signals in close proximity – Radio signals 30 MHz to 300 MHz may not be capable of being amplified with this unit as the amplifier can cause interference with these frequencies. Most radio mics use the UHF frequency band between 300 MHz and 3 GHz and should not be affected by interference and will work well with the PA.

The Body-Packs can be custom made to your exact specifications if you have very specific requirements e.g. alternative super-lightweight speakers;  secondary speaker only Body-Packs – for doing stereo work with another person; extra inputs etc

And remember … you are paying for what isn’t there, as well as for what is!


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