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The new Q thing (#2) is a polyphonic stereo remote controlled audio player, that will simultaneously play up to 14 WAV audio tracks with CD audio quality. The Q thing has been developed to make the playback of recorded music and sound easily controllable and instinctive, giving great freedom for improvisation and cue timing.  (The original MP3 Q thing can be viewed here)

The Q thing can be combined with its accessories to make the remote control and triggering of audio files simple and reliable, whilst giving performers the ability to work in many new creative ways that have not previously been possible. There is no other similar device currently available in the world that gives the same functionality in such a small portable package and it is the perfect pocket partner for street and stage performers, musicians, theatre technicians, interactive sound installations and many, many more.

1. Micro SD card slot

2. High and Low level ouputs

3. On/Off switch & Status LED

4. Fast test socket

5. Switching sockets

6. Playback/program buttons

7. 9v battery

Essentially it is a WAV audio player with:

  • Buttons and switches allocated to individual sound files and/or functions
  • Sound files can be remotely triggered by use of keyfobs, magnets, switches, pressure pads, tilt switches and custom triggers
  • Audio tracks can be stored in ‘banks’ of 16 tracks with almost instant access to the banks via one button press
  • Storage of up to 4028 audio tracks
  • Programmable functions include play, pause, next, previous, random, stop, volume, bank up/down, loop, polyphonic, lock track, etc., and is programmable for individual or selected track ranges
  • Computer utility for programming via Windows, OS X (Mac) and Linux
  • Programming and audio tracks are stored on a micro SD card
  • Fast start in approximately 1 second from power on
  • Polyphonic capability of playing up to 14 audio tracks simultaneously with 16 bit stereo 44.1kHz CD sound quality
  • Almost instant playback (approximately 10 millisecond delay)
  • Programmable low power sleep mode
  • Powered from a 9v battery or mains transformer

Q thing (#1) reviews

Just a quick one to thank you again for this amazing Q thing. After two shows of it working perfectly, I decided to re arrange the configuration of a few buttons. It seemed a bit scary at first but your instructions were perfect. This really is the dogs doo dahs. It has already elevated my show another 50% and now the sky’s the limit.
Matt Edwards – Magician

I’m really happy with it, I’ve used it a few times in the show now and it’s working great.
Fraser Hooper

I found the Q thing perfect for loading with a number of cues and spot sounds which I could launch at will during R&D or rehearsals. It’s robust and the threaded sockets make connections very reliable so it’s perfect for theatre work. I also found it very easy to operate in a darkened auditorium. One of the best things about Q Thing is being able to hand it to a performer who can use it immediately with minimal instruction because operation is so simple. The remote switching options offer ‘invisible’ operation on stage.
Jonathan Lambert – Composer

Nick I just love it, this is absolutely fantastic.
Gazzo – Magician

I am learning to use the Q thing, I find it great.
Pierrick Quebec

I’m very impressed with this piece of kit – it’s very versatile and the music files start instantly which ever way you trigger them, with no annoying hibernation modes kicking in either. Thanks for making this available to the rest of us – I hope you sell lots.
Bernie Bennett


Control your music and sound effects wirelessly with a ‘keyfob’ or ‘large remote button‘:

  • Each Q remote keyfob can control 4 audio tracks or 4 functions of the Q thing via the switching sockets. e.g. play, pause, next, previous, random, stop, volume, audio bank up / down
  • each Q remote large remote button can control 1 audio track or 1 function of the Q thing, and multiple buttons can be used at the same time – these are ideal for audience participation and improvisation
  • Up to 4 Q remotes can be used with one Q thing, giving instant access to up to 16 audio triggers or functions
  • Several keyfobs can control each Q remote
  • Each keyfob emits a highly secure RF signal that controls the Q remote – this is not a Bluetooth system, and is therefore not prone to Bluetooth connectivity problems.
  • Custom sensors and switchs can be made to order


Wear your Q thing and remotely control all of your sound with the Q link whilst also using a radio mic.

Q thing output can be mixed via a Q link with your microphone signal, and transmitted as one signal to your radio mic receiver and PA system.


Imagine wearing a costume with invisible magnetic sensitive switches sewn into it, and as a magnetised ring is passed over the switches music tracks are controlled; or pressure switches are hidden within shoes to control sound effects; or a tilt switch is attached to a prop – the controlling options are almost endless to cue both sound effects and music.

Pressing button #13 plays track #13. Moving a magnet near the switch #14 plays track #14.
Tilting the switch #11 plays track #11 etc., etc.”

Switching options

Magnetic Sensitive Switch
Magnetic sensitive switches can be sewn into costume or attached by Velcro. Move a magnet near the switch and a sound file or function will be activated. Magnetic rings are widely available.

Pressure Switch
Small push button switches can be sewn into costume or attached by Velcro. Press the switch and a sound file or function will be activated.

Tilt Switch
Switches that are sensitive to their orientation can be sewn into costume or attached by Velcro. Tilt the switch and a sound file or function will be activated.

Vibration / Tremble Switch
Switches that are sensitive to movement can be sewn into costume or attached by Velcro. Move the switch and a sound file or function will be activated.

Custom switching options are possible – please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Designed to be fully compatible with Stuff and Things PA systems. For full specifications, price list, and order form please contact Nick

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