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I enjoyed the liberation of it. I felt, from the outset, being made to work with strangers in an uninhibited way was really good. I liked the dancing, the flashmob, and how well organised it was.
Amanda Colman (Volunteer)

I was attracted to the project because I hoped it would help me confront my introversion and boost my confidence. It was a painful process at times, but I was not disappointed in this and I feel I have grown as a person by participating in the project.
Jonathan Lambert (Professional Musician & Storyteller)




Bring Me Sunshine explores what can happen when audience and performer meet in a celebration of what it means to simply say YES!

Developed in 2015 with Research & Development support from Arts Council England, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Norwich Arts Centre, and SeaChange Arts – Bring Me Sunshine is a combination of promenade performance, flashmob performance, dance, and portable soundscape technology, which explores the relationship between the performer and the audience.

Bring Me Sunshine also provides a platform to work with community groups and individuals, to create a new version of the show each time it is produced. Volunteer participants work alongside street theatre, performance and dance professionals, to develop the skills required to perform on the street. The process of creating the show can prove to be as important as the final show itself, and our experience thus far tells us that Bring Me Sunshine will continue to evolve and develop with each production.

The options for community involvement could range from small to larger scale, depending on the funding and facilities available. Bring Me Sunshine can also be booked as a performance alone, with Stuff and Things supplying a crew of professionals to perform the promenade and flashmob elements of the work as a finished spectacle. For more information, or to discuss Bring Me Sunshine further, please contact us.

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