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Join the ultimate party minglers and meet the men who put the hip into hip operation and the age into outrageous ! From Cheltenham tea dance to Ibiza rave, these superannuated scene-stealers are never backward at coming forward. Choc-full of bus pass bonhomie and bursting with a lust for life, GiTS dance like no-one’s watching and celebrate the virtues of never really growing up. Be in no doubt: Monty Tailforth and Vernon Ponder are out for a good time whatever the situation.

An irreverent poke in the eye of old father time, GiTS is an interactive walkabout performance focussed on freedom from inhibition and the serious business of being very silly indeed. Two sprightly older gentlemen – Vernon and Monty – become the centre of attention as they invite one-and-all to their two-man strolling party. Each GiT is equipped with a state of the art belly mounted p.a. system which provides a happening soundtrack of the very grooviest easy listening music, but once the party’s started these jolly fine fellows reveal that they also have rather a naughty streak, and using some very odd sound effects indeed, they work together to baffle, confuse and amuse anyone they meet.

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