Stuff & Things




The world is full of stuff… our lives jammed with clutter… do we really need any of it…?

What if there was a way to convert all these unwanted things into fun…?

Using the principle of ‘One-Swap-At-A-Time’ the team aim to trade up from the seemingly worthless – a sealed jar of ‘Local Air’ …? Yesterday’s newspaper …? A bag of dust …? Onward and upward to something utterly desirable.

Passers-by are encouraged, enthused, cajoled and tempted into swapping old for new, new for old, useless for useful, edible for educational, and as the day unfolds who knows where the swaps will lead ? With music, comedy, nonsense, larks aplenty, and of course a state of the art ‘Swapometer’ Stuff and Things invite all and sundry to exchange their workaday blues for some chuckles and bring along something worth its weight in swap.

Swapshop is an interactive performance installation which places its audience in the centre of the action and explores the concepts of consumerism and value. Suitable for existing market place locations, or set in a pop-up-shop style, the performers will manage a series of swaps as members of the public are invited to flex their haggling muscles and engage in bartering banter when they attempt to trade-in their unwanted item for the ‘swap’ currently on display.

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