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Thank you both for The Thinker – it’s a class act and superbly executed.
Angus MacKechnie, Producer, The National Theatre, London



The Thinker

Vernon Ponder has a gift, an unnatural ability so secret that even he doesn’t  realise it – for Vernon is a telepathic transmitter, a scientific marvel, his every thought, mundane, matter of fact, or miraculous, is heard by all around him. A man who poses more questions than he answers as he boldly plods forth into the 21st Century with quiet(ish) determination, whittling away at the truth behind the superstructure of existence – an enigma wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a sweet wrapper.  

This two person show creates The Thinker through the mime and improvisational skills of Nick combined with the quick-witted and highly imaginative thoughts of Paul, who is linked to Nick via radio microphone. A state-of-the-art, concealed, belly-mounted PA system is used to project the loud and very high quality spoken thoughts of The Thinker to the audience.

The show explores the internal dialogue and contradictions between one’s normally unspoken thoughts and one’s actual spoken words; and places Vernon at the very edge of what is socially expected and accepted, whilst presenting a challenging, humourous, and thought provoking exploration of how we view the outsider in society.

Commissions can be undertaken for alternative costumes and characters in a style to suit any event.

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