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I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.
Willa Cather



At Stuff & Things we like trees, we like them so much that we have developed the technology which allows us to listen in on their secret lives. Utilising the inherent acoustic properties of living wood to carry sound vibrations, audiObscura transforms individual trees into personal listening posts. By placing ones ear to a tree trunk, the listener may experience storytelling, music, soundscapes or sound effects, all delivered direct to each audience member in an intimate and very personal way.

The location of active artworks can be highlighted through the use of clues, such as painted icons (using water soluble paint) and themed signage, or units can be disguised to blend with their location. Each sounder unit is self-contained and requires no external power or audio connections. Installation is carried out using non-invasive fastenings to ensure no environmental impact or damage to the selected trees.

audiObscura Trees can be booked as a finished artwork, or it can be used as a blank canvas for creative opportunity through commissioning and collaboration with other artists, presenting a myriad of possibilities for a range of dynamic, contemplative or subtle locations, for info on recent commissions work featuring audiObscura Trees, please click here.

All trees are different, and for information on the suitability of your trees, please contact us for detailed technical info or to chat about possibilities.

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