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If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite.
William Blake



Pssst! Have you got your invite to the ‘Impossible Party’ ? The swingingest most happening party in town; or is it? Party tunes pumping from the front door pull you in, but press a doorbell and anything might happen. Around at the back door it’s quite apparent that everyone inside is having a considerably better time than you, and a peep through the spy hole only serves to confirm that this joint is jumping! The Impossible Party pokes fun at the tyranny of cool and turns celebri-tease tabloid culture inside-out.

The Impossible Party is a freestanding, self-contained and highly interactive installation, which combines music and sound effects to transform the front and rear doors into separate speakers, producing a stereo soundscape, accurately emulating the atmosphere and feel of a real house party. Features include: a ‘video peep-hole’, doorbell activated sound effects, and internal mood lighting for night-time operation. The Installation has a 2 metre circular footprint which incorporates a rigid steel sub-frame, power is provided by internal batteries. All audiObscura installations are bookable individually or as part of a pick-and-mix menu. For more information, please contact us.

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