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The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.
George Bernard Shaw



Stuff & Things have unlocked the sonic secrets of the humble British post box. Allowing them time off from the predictable daily grind of letter collection, our terribly talkative post boxes – honest upright and true – share their thoughts feelings and opinions, as well as baffling passers-by with an array of silly soundscapes, strange noises, or even groovy music ! A unique insight into the day-to-day lives of these everyday objects we take entirely for granted.

The Post Boxes usually perform as a pair, but they are not averse to working as solo acts. The boxes are battery powered installations which can be sited within traditional street locations, and can also serve as out-of-context artworks, being adaptable and easy to install in many locations.

Following a very successful commission for Enchanted Parks, Gateshead for Xmas 2015 – We are pleased to present our team of six Button-Activated Post Box Juke Boxes. Simply press the mushroom on top of a Post Box, and it plays a track to you! We are happy to discuss your ideas for audio-content, or we can provide a selection of very groovy tunes to suit any occasion. To read more about our work at Enchanted Parks 2015, please click here.

The Big Post Box is entirely freestanding, while the Small Post Boxes can be attached to any rigid upright (e.g. Lamp post, fence or gate post, tree or similar). Installations are designed to be tamper-resistant and immovable. All audiObscura installations are bookable individually or as part of a pick-and-mix menu. For more details, please contact us

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