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Psychiatry’s chief contribution to philosophy is the discovery that the toilet is the seat of the soul.
Alexander Chase



Soundscape user activated and musical Port-a-Loos !

Port-a-loos are the all too often ugly sister at the ball, an essential feature of many outdoor events. Here at Stuff & Things we have engaged with the issue, and after many hours of contemplation (often in the smallest room) we are proud to offer a service which transforms the ubiquitous into the unique, and puts the fun into functional by converting a negative space into a positive one.

Flushed with excitement we are pleased to offer the following themes:

Cultural Loos     Philosophy, Thought of the Day, Poetry or Opera (The best seat in the house!)

Surrealist Loos   Tardis, Fascinating Facts or Guided Tours (… and it was here in 1066 that King Harold…)

Info Loos         We take commissions for bespoke loos, giving event information, programme details etc (informative or ridiculous – we are at your service…)

Musical Loos      Themed music, mood / elevator music, your own compilation, or our special selection

Rude Loos         Buzzing Bluebottles, Peeing, Farting, Flushing (Can you think of more ?)

Or…           If you have a Loo idea – we’d be happy to discuss it, and to give you inspiration, you can find info on recent commissions work featuring audiObscura Port-a-loos here

Loos can be programmed to be either activated upon entry, or they can run on a continuous program. Each separate installation is a self-contained battery powered unit, designed to be easily installed, weatherproof, tamper resistant, and using non-invasive fixings. Performance timings can be tailored to suit all events, from short time-slots to a continuous rolling program.

We believe that everybody loves a surprise, but we also understand that an audiObscura Loo experience may be a surprise too far for some. With this in mind, we offer the option to signpost the active Loos as ‘portals to the unexpected’ giving potential loo-queuers the option of selecting a less exciting experience.

Please note: We are not a Loo Hire Company ! We supply the art – You supply the loos.

All audiObscura installations are bookable individually or as part of a pick-and-mix menu. For more information, please contact us.

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